From Monday, January 25th, 2021: Access only with medical surgical masks or FFP2 masks.

Dear patients,

we are here for you as usual! We have the strictest hygiene regulations not only in times of Corona. In this way we can guarantee you a secure supply even in these difficult times.

We ask you to also note the following:
Masks are required in our practice - please cover your mouth and nose. Wash and disinfect your hands as soon as you enter the practice. If you have symptoms of a cold, please do not come to the practice. We can then be reached for you by phone.

Stay healthy!
Your practice team


No need to hide your smile

Flawed teeth or gaps can impair your self-confidence. Even when it is necessary to correct major defects or replace missing teeth, we make sure your confidence in your appearance remains intact.

Virtually unlimited aesthetic possibilities – tailored to individual requirements

The growing range of innovative materials and advanced technologies makes it possible to cater to all needs in regard to fillings and dentures. Böhme Lipp Lutz offer you state-of-the-art solutions providing maximum quality and comfort. We know your dentures must match the performance of the natural teeth they replace.

In order to meet our demanding standards, your dentures must

  • look natural and attractive,
  • be made of materials well tolerated by the body,
  • combine strength and durability,
  • combine high oral comfort with good chewing ability.

Shaped and coloured to match individual needs – state-of-the-art dental aesthetics

Thanks to the possibilities of individual form and coloration, teeth can be restored or reproduced to look natural. Listed below are just a few applications in which tooth-coloured materials can be adapted to individual optical and physical requirements:

  • inlays
  • partial crowns
  • crowns
  • bridges
  • veneers

Fixed in place or flexibly combined

A modern alternative to fixed bridges: missing teeth can often be replaced by combined dentures. Although removable, combined dentures are fixed in position, offering the wearer considerably more comfort and security than conventional solutions.